Pumpkin Apple Crunch Oatmeal
(Oprea Personal Fitness)

Turn on the fireplace, grab a fuzzy blanket and cozy up with this great twist on my favorite breakfast: Pumpkin Apple Crunch Oatmeal.  Developed in my kitchen to appease an after soccer appetite for my son, Hayden, I found the smell to be magically appealing.  Taking one bite warms the soul and fills the belly with Autumn delights such as apples, pumpkin and baked pecans.  Follow my recipe and adjust so it’s perfect for you!


I think few things scare people more than the thought of eating healthy with all that readily edible Halloween candy sitting so innocently within arms reach.  Plus, who can truly avoid all those really cute looking treats at your party (rice crispy treat ghost anyone)?  However, an overindulgent night will completely ruin all that focus and hard work you have been so intently putting in day in and day out!  Before you think there’s no fun to be had living a healthy lifestyle, keep this in mind: Enjoy in moderation!  Go have one or two of your favorites on one or two nights but reign it in after that by following these simple and smart ways to Stay Healthy on Halloween.

Junk Food

Everyday you are surrounded by, let’s face it, absolutely delicious, scrumptious and massively nutrient deprived or unbelievably unhealthy food options.  Your motivation to stay on a healthy track can be seriously at a disadvantage some days.  So let’s get it down on paper what is never said but always understood by common sense.

When you walk into your favorite bakery or restaurant the overwhelming smell triggers your hunger, whether you are actually hungry or not.  Those triggers need to be reduced as much as possible.  Removing yourself from the physical location that triggered the craving can greatly increase your resolve not to eat unhealthily!

(Maren Caruso)

For a lot of people, the idea of getting healthier sounds a lot better than the actual act of doing it!  Quite a few excuses start cropping up like; I’m too busy, I’ll start tomorrow, or Monday, or the 1st of the month, or January 1st.  However, the easiest excuse is that it’s too hard and takes too long.  Quick results are all over the TV, why can’t I have those? So for all of you out there that just can’t seem to get started, I want to give you four simple, quick ways to become a healthier person. Four things that you can do right now, today, this morning.

full body (6)

I want to put together for you today a full body workout that you can blast through to give you some great muscle tone and will sneak in some cardio if you do it right too! Are you short on time or space? Is it raining or the sunniest perfect day outside? This move is for you! No excuses, try it out.


Everyone has stress in their lives but do you know how it can truly affect how healthy you are? It is amazing how many different ways stress will create havoc for you. You will have mood swings with anger problems and depression, appetite will raise and lower to extreme levels and you will swing from a complete lack of energy to panic attacks. Many symptoms that generate from stress can be blamed on something entirely else because you simply don’t see what is truly causing everything. The list of symptoms below will focus on one aspect; The fact that your weight gain and lack of results when trying to reduce that weight may very well be directly associated with how much stress you carry along with you!