Ok, so Erin might not rock a lot of your boats looks-wise, but in terms of her body, she’s absolutely stunning. Celebs such as Kelsea Ballerini and Carrie Underwood hire Erin to help whip them into shape. They want a body like Erin’s and who could blame them, who wouldn’t want a body as sculpted and as toned as Erin’s?

Erin has been into sports and the whole health and fitness lifestyle from a young age. As a youngster she was into soccer, but was looking to challenge herself, wanted to push her body to the max and find out what she was capable of, so she joined the US Marine Corp. Since her service, she got certified, and pretty quickly was known as a trainer to the stars. She herself has blossomed into a star over recent years, she has an awesome physique, and is certainly regarded to be one of the hottest personal trainers on the celeb circuit.